FND in the Media

newsmanThis page provides links and attachments to Functional Neurological Disorder media stories happening around the UK, and worldwide if relevant.

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June 10th. Two therapists from the Community Rehabilitation and Brain Injury Service team (CRABIS) at the Carmondean Ability Centre in Livingston were put forward for a prize by Tracey McNiven, who suffers from FND. Read more about how these therapists helped Tracey walk again in the Edinburgh News

May 5th. After being diagnosed with epilepsy Laura was later told she didn’t have it, and in fact, her condition is neurological called NEAD (non epileptic attack disorder) which means she suffers seizures but it is not known what triggers them. Read more about Laura’s new employment venture on Newton News Daily

March 25th. UK Awareness Day for little known Neurological Condition that affects thousands. FND Action’s press release can be viewed on Pressat.


October 26th. Inspirational teen Emily Cook lives every day in fear of having a non-epileptic seizure that could leave her unable to talk, walk, see or swallow. But she has refused to let her debilitating condition stop her pursuing her dreams. Read more about Emily’s inspirational story in the Nottingham Post.

October 18th. 7 things I want people to know about a PNES (NEAD) diagnosis. Read Sarah Weikel’s post in The Mighty.

October 3rd. Detective Sergent Paul Rees has cycled more than 1,300 miles to raise funds for his colleague Chris Bibby, after he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Functional Neurological Disorder, and Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder. Read more in The Guide, Prestwich and Whitefield.

September 29th. Doctors thought Joanne had Parkinsons for over a decade – they were wrong. Read more about her misdiagnosis in Parkinson’s Life.

September 23rd. Gemma’s plight to raise awareness of Functional Neurological Disorder, non-epileptic seizures, and other life changing conditions. Read her story in the Burton Mail.

September 20th. 2 months ago Practical Neurology editor Geraint Fuller was joined by Jon Stone, Consultant Neurologist and leading Researcher in FND, to discuss two of his recent Practical Neurology papers on the subject of functional disorders. Listen on BMJ talk medicine.

September 13th. 14 year old Finetta from Australia explains her experience of living with a Functional Neurological Disorder, published on SBS News.

September 12th. Sophie Macdonald from Aberdeen has created a video in the effort to raising awareness of FND. See her video published in the Evening Express.

September 8th. 21 year old Hope McGuire has multiple health problems, including Functional Neurological Disorder. Despite her health disabilities she wants to raise awareness of FND in any way possible, including planning events where other young adults can come together in a place they feel safe. Her first step forward has been to create a petition to raise awareness and gain support.

September 2nd. At the age of 17, Joseph from Belfast developed Functional Movement Disorder and Non-Epileptic Seizures following a bad fall. Having spent 6 months with debilitating symptoms which has left him wheelchair-bound, he was finally able to regain his voice. Read more about his story in Belfast Live.

August 9th. Interesting podcast was posted on the Neurology website and features Dr. Michelle Fullard interviewing Dr. Carine Maurer about her recent paper on Functional Movement Disorder.

June 25th. This great read by Sarah who has NEAD was posted on The Mighty.

June 22nd. Richard from Leeds developed crippling stomach pain and then gradually became paralysed. Read about it in the Daily Mail.

March 16th. A clinic in Brisbane, Australia is using specialist physiotherapy to help people with FND. The story was published by ABC.


June 28th. Simon, aged 32, has FND when has left him paralysed from the waist down. He got to try out a robotic suit which helped him to walk again. His story was in the Daily Mail.

April 30th. Jenny from Nottingham has FND which seriously affects her memory. So she made a scrapbook to keep memories of her and her boyfriend, like the film 50 First Dates. Read more about her story in the Daily Mail.