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“I got my diagnosis but what did I see, 
not enough support out there that could help me.

Support the FND cause and fundraise today,
you’ll help so many people in every way.”

Fundraising is not only rewarding but can be so much fun for all ages. Be it outdoors or in, big or small, there are so many ways to get involved with raising money for the FND cause.

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Have fun!

Current Fundraisers
Willy and Andy are taking on the Mourne Way Marathon on 10th June, to help raise funds and awareness.

“Our chosen charities are FND Action which provides help and support for people suffering from a functional neurological disorder, and also the Haemochromatosis Society, helping people with iron overload, both of which are very close to our hearts as our mother has a FND and my wife has Haemochromatosis.”

For more details please visit their Fundraising Page.

Jenny has organised a charity walk around the National Trust’s Attingham park on the 30th September. She has been suffering from symptoms for 11 years, and over a course of time has been treated very poorly by hospitals due to their lack of understanding.

“I’m doing this walk to raise more awareness on NEAD to help others understand and deal with it, its a horrible condition.”

For more details please visit her Fundraising Page.

Max is taking on the Beachy Head Marathon on 28th October 2017.

“I’m running the Beachy Head Marathon for my partner Charlotte, who was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder in August 2013. I want to help to raise awareness of this horrible chronic illness and raise money to help the amazing charity FND Action, who work tirelessly to support those diagnosed with FND.”

For more details please visit his Fundraising Page.