Functional Neurological Disorder Awareness Day

The 25th March 2017 saw hundreds of people across the UK come together to get involved with raising much needed awareness of Functional Neurological Disorder [FND] and Non Epileptic Attack Disorder ([NEAD].

This is how FND Action, and many others across the UK, got involved on and around the day …

Two of the leading specialists of Functional Neurological Disorder in the UK kindly offered up some of their time to do live interviews on Facebook.

Dr Stone is a Consultant Neurologist and Honorary Reader in Neurology in Edinburgh. His research interest has been in functional symptoms for 15+ years and has published many publications over the years. In 2009 he wrote and launched the first ever patient’s guide website which has now become the leading patient online resource across the UK and worldwide.

(click on the image to watch the interview)

Professor Edwards is a Movement Specialist based at St George’s Hospital in London, and has recently transferred from UCL Institute of Neurology where he was a Senior Lecturer. His research interest is in movement disorders, including Parkinsons and Dystonia, and has particular interest in the diagnosis and treatment of functional movement disorders. Late last year he opened, and leads, an out-patient clinic at St George’s specifically for those diagnosed with FND, and accepts referrals from across the UK.

(click on the image to watch the interview)

We have acknowledged that questions were being asked through Facebook comments during the interviews. Both doctors have agreed to answer these and their responses will be shared shortly.

FND Action received in excess of £1,200 donations! Thank you to all those who donated as these funds will go towards producing more leaflets and wristbands. If you would like to consider making a donation, or would like to participate in fundraising for the cause, please see the “Get Involved” sections.

As part of our UK Awareness Day Campaign, we gave away 100 free awareness packs, which included 10 leaflets and an FND awareness wristband. Thank you to all those who have been sharing leaflets with the general public, gp surgeries, work places, and more.

Leaflets and wristbands are available on the Awareness Toolkit page.

Social media was on fire on the day .. the greatest social media participation of FND awareness in the UK ever known!

Posts and images were shared, including these:

Our Facebook posts reached over 30,000 people on the day .. not including all those that went on to re-share the posts! Click here to follow our Facebook open page. 

We generated over 4,200 impressions! #action4FND – keep tweeting! Follow us @FNDAction and @NEAD_UK.

Lets go viral next year!

Further publications can be found under the ‘Our Voice Matters’ section.

As part of our UK Awareness Day Campaign we offered 100 free NEAD Medical Alert Cards, including white lanyard and holder. Cards and lanyards are available on the Awareness Toolkit page.

A Medical Staff Information Sheet was finalised and made available for download, which can be found on the Awareness Toolkit page.

In addition, FND Dimensions, a UK-based charity whose aim is to develop a network of peer support groups across the UK, arranged meet ups across the country in aid of promoting FND awareness in the UK and support. Click here to read further.

CLICK HERE to see how we planned the day.