6 year old Lewis turns Junior Warrior to raise awareness & funds for those diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)

Emma was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder in 2018. Her amazing son Lewis, aged 6 years old, wanted to do something to support her mum and raise awareness to help others too …

Before I was diagnosised with FND in August 2018 (just woke up one day with spreading numbness and stroke like symptoms down my left side) I’d never heard of it. We were a very active family and loved fitness and walking and myself and my husband had completed total warrior in the June before my diagnosis. It was a 12k obstacle course with  lots of mud, fire, Ice and climbing and running and we loved it. 

This year because of fnd I’m unable to complete it with them (maybe next year) and my little boy Lewis was really keen to have a go in my place and complete junior warrior. His race is 3k of running and 10 obstacles including mud, climbing,crawling thru tunnels and freezing water. He can’t wait and is taking his training quite seriously. 

You can read more about the Junior Warrior Challenge HERE

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 6 months relearning to walk, pace, live with the unpredictability of FND in my busy family life, and my family have been an amazing source of support. We found the support and information provided by FND Action invaluable. 

Lewis decided that not only did he want to complete total warrior for me but he wanted to raise some money too. He chose the charity to help people like his mummy and he is completely overwhelmed by every pound people have donated. He gets so excited when I tell him someone new has donated to his cause. 

The race is in Leeds this June. To help Lewis reach his target you can find his fundraising page by visiting


We wish our super FND Junior Warrior all the luck for the day!