A Day living with FND – Matthew’s Blog

A young man, who's life is turned on its head

Where it all started

A few weeks ago I was unlucky enough to be blue lighted to the hospital with, what looked like stroke like symptoms. Luckily this was not the case! After lots of test, poking and prodding, they have found the cause of what has being going on and this is…. Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) 

I have been left with 1 side of my body not working properly (mainly my hand and leg) and having to depend on a lot of people. The neurologist is confident that I will return to walking un-aided but this make take some time! After a few weeks of trying to understand what is it that is going on, I think I have come to terms with this.

After recommendation I have started to write this blog for 2 reasons really, firstly so I have somewhere I am able to document my experience and to also raise a little awareness over FND as this is not something which is widely known about.

I’ll try and post updates daily on both the progress I am making and any other updates I may have!

Stay safe