Past Fundraisers

On the 30th September, Jenny and her team of walkers set out to walk around Attingham Park in Shrewsbury, in aid of raising awareness of Non Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD).

“I was told in February this year I have got NEAD, having been suffering for 11yrs and been treated really bad in hospital as they don’t understand the condition. I wanted to do this walk to raise more awareness on NEAD to help others understand and help deal with this horrible condition” says Jenny.

“The walk went really well and is a beautiful place. There was 5 of us all together and we did just over 10miles.”

Jenny was able to raise just under £600 for FND Action and more importantly, was able to raise much needed awareness of NEAD. She also sold awareness wristbands and details of how these can be purchased online can be found on our Awareness Toolkit page. Thank you Jenny and your team!

On Saturday 6th August 13yr old Anna, and her mum Nicola, took part in the Padstow to Rock Swim in support of her sister Natalie, and to raise awareness and funds for the FND cause.

“When we signed up for this swim my sister, Natalie, was going to be doing it too. Then, in February, she was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder after countless blood tests, MRIs, ECGs, EEGs and inpatient spells. None of these tests showed any obvious problem with her brain and heart functioning, so her seizures, episodes of paralysis and many other symptoms were passed off as ‘anxiety’.

FND is incredibly difficult to diagnose for these two reasons: a) it doesn’t show up on any medical tests and b) the huge lack of understanding surrounding this illness even with medical professionals. By doing the swim, we were attempting to raise money and awareness of FND in the hope that others do not have to go through the years of turbulence, frustration and despair that my family had to ordeal.

The swim was difficult as the conditions weren’t ideal. The water was incredibly choppy and very cold. We watched in anticipation as the first wave set off, before entering the water half an hour later. We were allowed little time to adjust to the conditions and then we started! The swim was a mile, swimming from one side of the estuary, separating Padstow and Rock, to the other. It took us just over 40 minutes and we were extremely relieved when we finished! In the end we raised £720 for FND Action.” ~ Anna. Thank you Anna & Nicola!

On 10th June 2017 Willy and Andy took on the Mourne Way Marathon to help raise funds and awareness for FND Action and The Haemochromatosis Society.

“Our chosen charities are FND Action which provides help and support for people suffering from a functional neurological disorder, and also the Haemochromatosis Society, helping people with iron overload, both of which are very close to our hearts as our mother has a FND and my wife has Haemochromatosis.”

They challenged themselves to take part in one of Ireland’s premier off road running events and the marathon involved 26.2miles of running, including a total climb of 2063m! They did it and were able to raise a fantastic £804.84 for us. Thank you Willy and Andy!

In April 2017 Dan took a trek up Snowdon to support someone close to him and to raise funds and awareness to support the FND cause.

“Imagine suddenly finding yourself not able to speak, write or walk and having seizures leaving you temporarily paralysed then being discharged with no idea what’s happening and no treatment or care. Awareness amongst the medical profession and the public must be raised in order that sufferers may understand what’s happening to them and where to go for support and treatment and support may be improved.”

Once Dan had his JustGiving page set up he had to raise his target a couple of times because of the amazing support he was receiving. He raised a whooping £1,081.08 so we’re sure that compensates for any foot sores he had to endure along the way.  Thank you Dan!

In December 2016 Simon took on a separate Decembeard challenge, to raise funds for the FND & NEAD cause. Although he didn’t manage to grow a full beard to keep him warm in winter, he did amazingly well by exceeding his £50 target on gofundme, and raised £60!

I decided to decembeard this in order to raise funds and awareness for FND Action to enable greater support for people that have this grossly misunderstood condition

Simon is planning to do more fundraising events in 2017 and we look forward to seeing what he has planned. Thank you Simon!