Awareness Toolkit

FND Action aim to provide as much information and resources as possible to help raise awareness to support those diagnosed. Please see below what we have available to date. further items will be available shortly.

“Any way you can spread awareness will help increase public understanding”

Information sheets

Medical Staff Information Sheet 

(Word download)        

(PDF download)

NEAD Info Sheet for Ambulance/A&E staff

(Word download)        

(PDF download)

Information leaflets

Individual packs of 20 leaflets, which can be shared with medical establishments/staff and the public. These are available free of charge.

Please complete the form below to order.

Awareness wristbands

An awareness wristband (3-coloured) is available for a minimum donation of £2.50, and available in 2 sizes – 180mm or 202mm.

To receive a wristband please initially make the donation using one of the available options to donate HERE. Then complete the form below to order.

Medical alert cards for non-epileptic seizures

Medical alert cards are available free of charge. These are business card size and can be stored in wallets, phone cases, etc. 

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Please be aware stock is limited. Any contributions towards production costs for the above will be very much welcomed. You can do this using the Donate page.