Peer Support Groups

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FND Action - Symptoms


Symptoms occur as a result of a problem with the functioning of the nervous system. The brain fails to send or receive messages correctly which results in neurological disturbance

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Diagnosis should be made by a Neurologist from positive signs and tests. Symptoms can be extremely disabling and it can take several years to receive the correct diagnosis.

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Due to diversity of symptoms and varied potential triggers that can differ from person to person, treatment plans must be tailored to suit a person’s individual need

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NEAD - Non Epileptic Attack Disorder


Functional seizures look like epileptic seizures but differ as they are not caused by electrical activity in the brain, but how the nervous system is not working correctly

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You Matter

Getting diagnosed with a functional neurological disorder can be both a blessing and seemingly a curse. You may have had years of tests, different doctors and medications so it can be a relief to finally know what is wrong. However, being diagnosed with a long term chronic condition can bring

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Our Stories


Stories are not only a means of sharing personal experiences, but can also be a way to educate/raise awareness, and share inspirational journeys. Read the full article >>

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