FND Awareness Day UK 25th March 2021 | Imogen’s Story

Imogen’s Story #Voices4FND Hi, my name is Imogen and I’m 34. I suffer epilepsy and these sudden ‘odd seizures’ began suddenly in 2019. I know the difference, because when having an fnd I’m shaking and sweating but totally conscious. The psychologist said my past traumas of rape, hemorrhage, hit and

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FND Awareness Day UK 25th March 2021 | Sharon’s Creativity

Sharon’s Creativity #Voices4FND I’ve always loved art, drawing, painting etc. recently I’m loving working with wood creating anything from garden raised beds to nesting boxes and things for the home. I do these things, my creativity, to help distract my mind from my symptoms now as well as my own

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FND Awareness Day UK 25th March 2021 | Billy’s Story

Billy’s Story #Voices4FND In 2013 I was diagnosed with epilepsy. During 2016, after various hospital stays in Glasgow, with video EEG analysis, another diagnosis Functional Neurological Disorder seizures (FND) was added to the list. What happens to your body with FND? A myriad of confusion, frustration, negative & guilty emotions

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FND Awareness Day UK 25th March 2021 | Zoe’s Creativity

Zoe’s Creativity #Voices4FND I want to be productive and spread awareness for this condition. I have started to make bracelets with the name of the condition on it. It helps me to feel I’m doing something. And something to give to my friends and family. By Zoe, Eastbourne CLICK TO

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FND Awareness Day UK 25th March 2021 | Megan’s Story

Megan’s Story #Voices4FND My symptoms started in 2010 when a sporting injury happened. The doctors didn’t have a clue where to start or what to test for. Years went by and I had lots of testing done. I was suffering with the left leg paralysis and numbness/weakness on the left

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