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That’s a difficult question and one I’m really not going to be able to answer. There could be a number of reasons or perhaps one reason that is just not scientifically known yet. There are so many health conditions that have a ‘could have been this, could have been that’ cause. All I can say for definite is you have done nothing to cause this.

“Why don’t people believe me then?”

It could be that they just don’t understand, the ‘you don’t get it until you get it’ scenario. Or they could have been reading outdated information so they need educating. Also you have to remember there are nasty people out there who discriminate too, no matter what you may have, so try not to take it too personally.

“Why do people say it is stress causing this, I’m so angry!?”

Did you know anger and frustration is a form of stress too? It doesn’t mean stress caused your symptoms, but it may be holding you back from recovering. You can pretty much look at every other health condition website and it will say stress can be a trigger of symptoms.

“But I am coping emotionally”

You might well be but your body might not. Your body can get stressed too and it’s not going to take kindly to debilitating symptoms. That’s where ‘listen to your body’ comes in to play and is a must.

“I’m just trying to get on with my life and push through it”

And your body is probably screaming out to you that you are doing too much. Sometimes things take time and you have to learn to pace yourself to give your body a chance to recover and/or your symptoms to become more manageable.

“Why don’t my friends want to know me anymore?”

I’m sure they do if they are good friends. It may help to put yourself in their shoes and consider how you would feel if it was one of them who was sick. Perhaps they feel hurt and let down when you can’t make parties or cancel a trip to the cinema at short notice. A friendship works both ways and even though you may be restricted physically, you can still do other things like lend an ear or invite them round for a coffee. Communication is the key and you might not know what each other is thinking about the situation if you don’t talk about it. Consider though, those friends that continue to show they don’t care are not worthy of your friendship.

“Will I ever get better?”

How do you define better? Cured? To be cured there would have to be a medication or treatment plan proven to cure FND, which unfortunately there isn’t as it stands today. It doesn’t mean you can’t get better though. Better can be relieving symptoms and/or getting to a stage where you are coping with them.

“Why can’t I just have my old life back?”

It’s just not that simple. You have to consider with all health conditions it can take time to recover or get to a stage where your symptoms become manageable. Looking back will get you nowhere because you can’t change anything from the past. Perhaps try drawing a line in the sand and make plans on how you are going to move forward with your new life.

“Am I going to be ok?”

Well you have got this far haven’t you? Yes, I think you’re going to be ok.

“I have so many more questions”

I’m sure you do and I’m sure they play over and over in your head, especially as a lot of answers are not out there yet. You can’t leave these thoughts at the forefront of your mind because they’re taking up space you need to think about you and positive things. Perhaps writing them down will help. Maybe write a letter to your family and friends about everything you have to cope with and how it makes you feel. Do it when you are comfortable and calm so you can speak from the heart and not from frustration.

I hope my responses have helped in some way.

Best Wishes


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