Fantastic Anna, aged just 13yrs old, took part in the Padstow to Rock Swim in August, to raise awareness & funds for the FND cause

On Saturday 6th August 13yr old Anna, and her mum Nicola, took part in the Padstow to Rock Swim in support of her sister Natalie, and to raise awareness and funds for the FND cause.

“When we signed up for this swim my sister, Natalie, was going to be doing it too. Then, in February, she was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder after countless blood tests, MRIs, ECGs, EEGs and inpatient spells. None of these tests showed any obvious problem with her brain and heart functioning, so her seizures, episodes of paralysis and many other symptoms were passed off as ‘anxiety’.

FND is incredibly difficult to diagnose for these two reasons: a) it doesn’t show up on any medical tests and b) the huge lack of understanding surrounding this illness even with medical professionals. By doing the swim, we were attempting to raise money and awareness of FND in the hope that others do not have to go through the years of turbulence, frustration and despair that my family had to ordeal.

The swim was difficult as the conditions weren’t ideal. The water was incredibly choppy and very cold. We watched in anticipation as the first wave set off, before entering the water half an hour later. We were allowed little time to adjust to the conditions and then we started! The swim was a mile, swimming from one side of the estuary, separating Padstow and Rock, to the other. It took us just over 40 minutes and we were extremely relieved when we finished! In the end we raised £720 for FND Action.” ~ Anna

From all of us at FND Action .. well done and thank you!!