FND Action launch a new online community on HealthUnlocked

FND Action have launched a new online community to provide support and information to people living with Functional Neurological Disorders, including Non Epileptic Attack Disorder.

Our new community is part of the HealthUnlocked network, which aims to promote better health and provide a safe place for people with the same disease or illness. We now provide our own dedicated online space that anyone can join for free, to access help and information and ask questions to other people experiencing the same or similar symptoms. In addition to helpful peer-to-peer support, we will also be providing useful information and resources.

JOIN TODAY and follow the community to share experiences and connect with others anonymously.

We look forward to having you join us!

By coming to the community people will also benefit from HealthUnlocked technology, which makes tailored health related recommendations, directs people to useful information, connects 
them with others like them and highlights research activities, such as clinical trials, that may be of interest.