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FND Awareness Day UK took place on the 25th March, and this year FND Action teamed up with other FND charities and groups from around the UK to help promote a greater awareness of Functional Neurological Disorders (FND), including Non Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD).

We did this through a #Voices4FND campaign where we asked for people to send in their videos of what it was like living with FND, what they thought of FND or what they knew of FND. This included their experiences, their thoughts and their knowledge, but most importantly it was about giving those diagnosed a platform for their voice to be heard. These videos can be seen on our Video Wall below.

The campaign was extremely successful gaining widespread UK awareness, while also getting the support of celebrities such as Olympic and World Champion competitive swimmer Adam Peaty MBE.

People got involved in other ways too by participating in fundraising events, handing out leaflets to raise awareness, and sharing their voice in other ways such as through media articles and radio interviews.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who got involved on the day, including those who bravely shared their experiences and medical professionals supporting the cause. Your participation goes a long way to helping improve the care and support for those diagnosed.

Remember raising awareness doesn’t need to just happen on one day! Please see the pages under the ‘Get Involved’ tab for ideas on how to get involved, or get in touch with us at

Cloridrato De Tramadol Bula Anvisa, Tramadol Cheap



We are overwhelmed with how many people got involved with raising awareness through the charities and groups promoting the #VOICES4FND campaign across Facebook, Twitter and on their websites. There was an amazing response through FND Action’s online platforms on the day .. see below!


See and listen to the voices who made themselves heard to spread awareness on the day.

If you would like to add a video to our YouTube channel please send it to us at Tramadol To Buy Uk

Tramadol Online Pay With Mastercard