FND Awareness Day UK – 25th March 2020 | Catherine’s Story

Hello, my name is Catherine.

My journey with non-epileptic seizures started when I was about 14/15. I’m now 28.

The amount of seizures I was taking gradually built up over time to everyday, throughout the day. It’s been everyday now for about 9 years or so. I was referred to the hospital by my GP. I’ve seen doctors, epilepsy specialists, neurologists & had mutiple tests including MRIs, ECGs & I also attended a epilepsy centre for a few weeks to recieve further tests with the results coming back fine & that it wasn’t epilepsy & there was no cause for concern as well as seeing a psychologist & trying different counselling services with no outcome or change to my seizures.

I’m beyond lucky to have so much support from family & loved ones around me but I owe it mostly to my partner, Damian who is also my carer as I can’t be left alone with the seizures happening daily & being unpredictable & also sometimes violent which leaves me tired & often drained.

I know there is so many others out there who are struggling with this condition, other similar conditions or many conditions at the same time. If sharing my own story can help anyone or have them relate at all then that has to be a positive thing. Always here to offer support & raise awareness to others whenever I can.

Remember you are never alone. We will keep fighting this together ✊


By Catherine, Glasgow