FND Awareness Day UK – 25th March 2020 | Kimberley’s Story

I first got symptoms at age 11 and wasn’t diagnosed with N.E.A.D until I was 25. I suffered badly with seizures everyday, had a multitude of injuries and had to be off work for almost a year. I would have blackout seizures, convulsions, absent seizures and also lose the ability to speak. It took a massive toll on my mental health but with the help of Mind and lots of forums I came out the other side.

Understanding what you have and learning you are not alone was a massive weight off my shoulders.

I’m currently doing extremely well and haven’t had a seizure in months. Since it is not widely recognised I do anything I can to spread the awareness so no one else has to go through such a long diagnosis.


By Kimberley, Morecambe