Caroline’s Story


Myself and my husband are carers to our 12 year old daughter Clodagh who was diagnosed in July 2020. But we think it started back in August 2019 ,Clodagh was in and out of hospital constantly for 2 months before we got the diagnosis. She suffers very bad headaches blackouts non epileptic seizures sleepwalking in the evening time were she thought it was the next day that lasted 6 weeks and memory loss. We have been seeing a psychiatrist who has been fantastic and she done CBT with her and is helping.

Thank god at the moment she is good and doing well in school. She has amazing friends that watch out for a school and the school has been fantastic. Us as a family are coming out the other side, she is in the middle, she has a older and younger sister.

It so good to knowing we not the only ones and it was such a relief to get the diagnosis reading everyone’s stories really helps to understand it a little bit more.

By Caroline, Althlone