Mike’s Story


Hello I’m Mike, I am 51 yrs old. I had my first seizure back in 2014, after a 4 year battled I was finally diagnosed with FND/NEAD in 2018. It has changed my life a lot meaning I cannot do things I use to love, like driving. It really impacts on what you can do, I was medically retired some years ago. My seizures come from trauma I experienced some years ago. 

At present I am walking 5km a day for 2021 to raise awareness of this debilitating illness that wrecks lives. I will always do what I can to raise the issue, I always believe if you can give something back you should.. 

I know my late Dad Peter will be proud of how I deal with this disorder that takes control of your body and mind… But I will not let it control me, I control what I do not this…

By Mike, Maidstone