Summer’s Story


Hello world my name is Summer, I am an 11 year old girl. In December 2020 I was diagnosed with FND after collapsing at school and not being able to get back up. I spent a week in hospital with paralysis from the waist down. After numerous tests which all came back clear this is what the neurologist diagnosed.

I was a very happy, healthy girl and had a massive passion for dance. I loved to perform and compete once being at the famous Blackpool tower ballroom! Dancing is my world. This has all changed in the blink of an eye, sometimes i forget my own name. My FND has progressively got worse and that makes me sad. I have seizure’s, tics and tourette outbursts as well as the paralysis. I want to try raise as much awareness as possible as me like many others have never heard of this condition before.

More help and support is needed so much and change needs to happen to help all those out there who are suffering like me. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my story.

By Summer, Corby