Tanya’s Story


I suffered with severe birth trauma after having my first baby due to complications, emergency c section and baby needing to be admitted to special care baby unit. This left me with post traumatic stress disorder and postnatal depression, however, this was never picked up. When I fell pregnant with my second baby, the post traumatic stress symptoms came back with avengence- I was so scared of giving birth as I felt I was going to die. I didn’t die giving birth and in actual fact, the birth went a lot better, however, after this I developed my first symptoms of FND – non epileptic seizures. These started off less severe and have intensified over the past couple of years- I have tried to get treatment but waiting lists are so long. 

Now due to my non epileptic seizures, I am unable to be left along with my children (just in case I have a seizure), I have had to retire from my professional career, I can no longer drive, I even find walking difficult sometimes. This all developed in the last couple of years but it has had a devastating effect on mine and my families life. We have had to move house just to go to an area that has better treatment. It’s been crazy! I have had over 30 ambulance blue light admissions to hospital and have also suffered from aspiration pneumonia from choking on a bit of vomit whilst having a seizure. 

Everyday I live with this condition that could result in such terrible consequences of the after effects from having FND.

I have hope that one day things will get better but I know that the longer you go without treatment, the prognosis of improving in condition becomes less. This is why treatment is so important to make sure it is accessible for everyone. I was a health professional, now I am stuck at home, relying on others to help me with the simplest of daily tasks! 

This is why I am sharing my story.

By Tanya, London