FND Awareness Day UK | 25th March 2022 | Kirsty-ann’s Poem

You won’t see me coming
I can suddenly appear
My presence hits you like a brick
And fills your head with fear

You won’t know my next move
You’ll feel every problem I make
You will feel so isolated
Your confidence, I’ll take

I can come and go as I please
Without giving prior warning
I will tear apart the life you lived
And leave you in a state of mourning

You’ll try to fight against me
And sometimes you will win
Other days I will consume you
Your will to try wearing thin

I’ll take the strength from your limbs
Your skin will feel like it’s crawling
I’ll take over your balance
You can’t control the falling

You will feel so overwhelmed
I’ll be stopping you from sleeping
Your whole being exhausted
I may even stop you speaking

I will alter your memory
You’ll struggle to understand
Your brain and body at war
And I am in command

I have no person preference
There is no hiding from me
I’m disrupting all your functions
Who am I? I’m FND

©Kirsty-ann J.


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