FND Awareness Day UK | 25th March 2022 | Rachel’s Poem

My ex husband said I’m too ill for him to stick around,
I wished to be ok so my husband would stay,
Now I’m glad he’s gone away.

Doctors say it’s all in my head and others just misunderstand,

I wipe my tear’s away and try to withstand,

paramedics look at me and say theres nothing wrong with me. When will that be?

My best friend since I was six said I’m crazy and I put on a good show, shows how much some people know,
She told me to to craw back under my hole. That really took its toll.

Am I faking, I start doubting myself, what am I doing? why does this happen?

My thoughts continue to blacken, I started to believe I was not right in the head,

I spent most of my days curled up in bed,

My family was and still is my strength,
they will go to any length,

I look at them and see love and I thank the heavens that are above,

I felt worthless but now I know I have purposes.

I have never been in a hole know matter what others say,

I will not give up, I love my life with or without FND. I am here too stay.

I see the light at the beginning of each and every day,

I won’t give up, I’ll push the negativity so far away,

I won’t believe what others say.

I’m proud to be me, I’m proud to be mummy,

I wish people would understand and not bully.

Thank you to FND ACTION,
Now I have passion,

If your like me and have FND, know that you don’t need cope or mope,

your not on a downward slope,

there’s always hope.

©Rachel S.


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