FND Awareness Day UK | 25th March 2022 | Rebecca’s Story

Being rear ended at 70mph did something to me, changed me in so many ways it’s hard to resonate with the person I was before.

The main difference is I ended up with FND after that accident. It was a really scary experience having the first seizure, being kept in hospital for a week with tests, then having the first stroke experience. I was diagnosed with FND, and well haven’t seen a neurologist since. Thankfully (in the worst thankful way ever) I also sustained a head/brain injury where I see a brain injury team for life now who also help with the FND. 

I also decided I would save myself rather than wait round for a referral that never happened. I am learning as much as I can about the nervous system and have started to befriend it. I’ve delved deep into myself using holistic and natural tools to honour myself.

 I’m learning archetypal work through Carl Jungs work to indigenous cultures viewpoint to deepen my relationship with my inner world to help my FND experience. Am I healed or cured, by no means I am, but slowly and surely I am building a life for myself again whilst honouring this new normal for me. 

Hope is the gift I wish to leave on this earth and hope we can still have a quality of life with FND.

Written by Rebecca, Sunderland


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