FND Awareness Day UK | 25th March 2023 | Keith’s Story

I was diagnosed with FND in November last year and found it very hard to understand what I had as that wasn’t much info. I had two big non-epileptic seizures which affected my speech, and caused me to have functional tremors, and swallowing problems also my memory has been hit hard. 

I have had to learn to use my left hand as my right is hard to use due to tremors which is hard for me as I’m an artist as well. I have been medically retired from being a teacher so I decided to write poetry to help myself and also a blog.

The Poetry that I wrote is about my experiences with getting to know functional neurological disorder, a condition that affects the functioning of the nervous system. My poetry delves into the emotional and physical struggles of living with the disorder, exploring themes of pain, confusion, and loss of control.

I try to use vivid imagery and introspective language that allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of the disorder and the impact it has on myself and the lives of others.

This is my poetry book I wrote :
My life with FND Poetry by Keith Baker: FND, Functional Neurological Disorder

Written by Keith, Gosport


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