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The 25th of March marks FND Awareness Day in the UK, where charities and groups from across the UK partner up to run campaigns to help raise much needed awareness of Functional Neurological Disorders (FND), including Non Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD). To learn more about FND visit Tramadol Order Cheap

FND Awareness Day UK was started in 2017, becoming the first national awareness day for the UK. The theme was #action4FND which involved campaigns such as distributing awareness packs, sharing stories and news, fundraising and spreading the word over social media platforms.

In 2018, seven FND related charities and groups in the UK partnered up to run campaigns with the theme #Voices4FND. The campaign drive was to give those diagnosed a voice by sharing their experiences via video (Tramadol Online Price), and get others talking about FND to help raise awareness and understanding.

This year our theme is #WeCare4FND. In addition to raising general awareness, our campaigns include highlighting the amazing effort, love and dedication of people, both adults and children, who care for someone who has been diagnosed with FND. This is particularly more difficult than the caring community of more commonly-known conditions given the current lack of awareness.

We want you to join us in getting involved in our campaigns and raising awareness to make a difference to hundreds of adult and children’s lives who are living with FND in the UK. See below for details on how you can get involved.


Time passes by so quickly and words can be left unspoken. Remind your loved one you care by posting them a message.


Get involved by raising awareness within the medical community. Your specialist may know, but does your doctor know?


What is it like to support a person with a diagnosis with limited understanding? Share your experience of caring for a loved one.


A great way to get others involved in helping raise awareness is to hold an event, either in person or online.


Diagnosis doesn’t just affect the person, but all those around them too. Find out details of support available for caring for a loved one.


Better understanding is needed to improve treatment. Find out some news on what’s been happening within the medical world



Add the Twibbon campaign to your social media profile


Download a Facebook cover to add to your profile


Download a Twitter cover photo to add to your profile


Make sure you add the hashtag #WeCare4FND on your social media posts and help spread awareness throughout the day.