FND Dimensions on board with Awareness Day in the UK ~ 25th March 2017

As part of FND Awareness Day UK on 25th March, we are delighted to have FND Dimensions working along side us to help raise much needed awareness of Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) and Non Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD) in the UK.

FND Dimensions is a UK-based charity whose aim is to develop a network of peer support groups across the UK, either in face to face meetings or online via methods such as Skype.

“We often read how people feel lost or isolated by their diagnosis. We know from experience that by meeting others in a similar position, these feelings can be alleviated. We have already had a big response and want to hear from anyone, including carer’s, who would like to get involved or even set up a local group.

The Awareness Day give us all a great opportunity to maintain the growing impetus of peer led support.”

Steve Webster
FND Dimensions

You can find details of meet ups being planned on our Awareness Day page.