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When a seizure is about to happen, you go into what is known as a dissociative state. You may feel as if you are detached from your surroundings or as if the room is moving around, or just get a feeling of unreality. Not everyone gets this kind of feeling, sometimes known as an ‘aura’. As a way to combat that weird feeling and to try and stop the seizure from occurring, you can try sensory grounding. If you don’t get a warning then grounding probably won’t work for you.

This is a way of bringing your focus back into the present moment.

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Understanding and Improving Your Skills at Grounding
There are numerous grounding techniques that people use to help when they feel a seizure may be coming on. Although non-epileptic seizures (NEAD) are not completely understood by the medical profession, we know from evidence that psychotherapeutic interventions can be helpful in managing NEAD. Most psychotherapies work by giving your mind increased understanding, and new tools to manage itself; therefore beyond “out of the box” techniques for grounding, we can also pursue greater understanding and develop new tools, individually tailored. This is suitable for NEAD seizures because they are complex, and there are a wide variety of causes, triggers, and symptoms.

Some Examples of Things to Try
We are all different, but techniques that can be tried include reorienting, counting, senses and distraction.

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