Kym’s Blog – Colouring is a not cure but it’s my way of living my life and being able to cope with FND

I am about to turn 32 years of age and I have been living with FND and NEADs for 3 years come Feb 2018. FND and NEADs is 2 of the conditions you get diagnosed with and then get told just get on with it without help without a cure something you’re going to live with the rest of your life.

I remember when I first got told I had FND and the neurologist just looked at me and told me it’s now my life and I have to get on with it. Not telling me to control the seizures or the paralysis or not being able to talk, looking like you’ve had a stroke, getting all the symptoms your having a heart attack but not having one, not knowing who your family is, drop attacks that leave you unconscious for anything from 10 minutes to 1 hour and not being able to get help due to being unconscious.

I started looking into ways I might be able to suppress the seizures from happening even if it was for 20 minutes so my body could relax and breath, I found that way and that was colouring, when I first started I was only doing it for 20 minutes a day which I was finding it helpful that 20 minutes gave me breathing room so as each day went I lengthened the time I was colouring until I now can colour up to 18 hours a day just to keep my seizures at bay. If I stop for any length of time my seizures do start up.

People say colouring is healing; colouring is therapeutic I found colouring a solution at keeping my body from having seizures 24/7. I still suffer with the other problems of FND like vision comes and goes, paralysis sometimes, and cannula pain in my elbow joint I get that everyday knowing I have never had a cannula in my whole entire life. Constant head pain not being able to get rid of it.

Colouring is a not cure but it’s my way of living my life and being able to cope.

To help raise awareness, and to share my work, I have recently set up a website, so please stop by some time.