Maliha’s story as a full-time teacher with a diagnosis of Functional Neurological Disorder #WeCare4FND

I recently was diagnosed with FND after a long diagnostic period. I wanted to share my story as someone who works full time and is living with FND attempting to manage it.

My story starts in August 2018 when I was involved in a non fault car accident. For some time previous to that, I had seen my GP about non stop pins and needles in my feet and arms. I also had dull numbness in my legs. I also had been complaining about bladder issues. After my accident it became apparent that my condition had got worse and many referrals to specialists were put in place. When my neurologist told me I had FND and that it’s something I would have for the rest of my life my heart just dropped.  I had been very naive in thinking “I probably will just need some medication and treatment and all will be okay”. 

I’m 36 and getting married in the Summer and had just bought a property so already my stress levels were high. Every day living with constant numbness or waking up to a “dead” arm or foot is so difficult. Having to wear protection so that I don’t wet myself is embarrassing. My condition hasn’t settled yet and I am pleased that I am being referred to more specialists and therapists to support me further.

Being a full time teacher and having to take time off was equally difficult. I am a Head of Year and my students see me struggling with stairs and often carry things for me. I try my best to stay positive and think that there are others that are far worse off then I. It is something that I am slowly getting used to and making adaptions to my life. I am so grateful to my wonderful fiancée and my family who support me everyday with this condition. I applaud all those who live with FND.

Thank you for listening it means a lot to have written this.

Written by: Maliha