Matthew starts FND and Me podcast to help those living with Functional Neurological Disorders

Hello everyone, my name is Matthew and I have started a podcast all about FND.

The FND and Me podcast is aimed at anyone who is looking to learn about Functional Neurological Disorders (FND), and its affect on the lives of those who live with it. Maybe you haven’t heard of it before or maybe you are wanting to further your knowledge around FND; this weekly podcast will host interviews with people who have FND and, hopefully, some professionals within the field. 

The main reason I have started this podcast is to try and raise awareness around the condition, and to get people talking about how it has affected them. This way, we can create an online community to show others that they are not alone in dealing with what can feel like a very lonely condition to have.

I was diagnosed with FND over 18 months ago, and since then I have been blogging my story and am now running the FND and Me podcast. I found that, while the website has lots of information, some people are unable to relate to it. If people can hear stories from other sufferers, this makes it relatable on a human level.

Others may be able to share their own personal tips and tricks and, while there seems to be a ever growing amount of people blogging about FND, it can sometimes be hard to sit and read a blog. Listening to a podcast is something which can be done anywhere at the listener’s convenience, which is how I came up with the idea.

The podcast can be found by simply searching for ‘FND and Me’ on Spotify, Google Podcast and Anchor.

If you would like to get involved in any way, please contact me at