New Research Opportunity for those diagnosed with FND and/or NEAD : Feelings and experiences throughout development

Persons in charge:

Dr Liat Levita (
Professor Markus Reuber (

Closing Date:

To be advised.


We are currently running a study looking at emotions and experiences throughout people’s lives. More specifically, we are interested in learning more about the relationship between the events and emotions that some people might experience. Our goal is to use this information to develop a new questionnaire that will help psychologists to better understand and meet the needs of certain people especially individuals with Functional Neurological Symptoms Disorder (FND) and Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD).

Therefore, we are looking for individuals with FND or NEAD aged 18 and over, who are native English speakers, to take part. You will be asked to fill in some online questionnaires about emotions and about experiences you may have had at different points in your life. The questionnaires should take about 20-25 minutes to complete. Some people might find some of the questions distressing, but you will have the option to quit the study at any time without giving an explanation, and your answers will all be anonymous.

As a thank you, if you take part you will be entered into a prize draw to earn a £20 high street gift card.

This study has been approved by the Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield ethics committee, and is conducted in accordance with the British Psychological Society guidelines.

Click on this link for further details and to take part

Please feel free to contact us if you would like any more information about the study or if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Dr Liat Levita and Professor Markus Reuber