On Paper – Using Dance to Read Between the Lines: Review

Anita Mannings

On Saturday 3rd March, our Youth and Arts Coordinator, Anita Mannings staged a night of dance and song under the title “On Paper – Using Dance to Read Between the Lines”. The event was to raise awareness of FND and to raise money for FND Action.

The night was a huge success, with a full house and a standing ovation at the end. Our Fundraising and Events Coordinator, Teresa Connolly went along to enjoy the show and she told us:

A line up of all the dancers who took part

“This was an inspiring and moving selection of carefully choreographed dance pieces and song. Through their dances, emotions were brought to life. I could see the balance between those needing support and caregivers.

Anita’s dance, beautifully choreographed, highlighted the title of the show. On paper things can appear completely fine, yet hidden beneath and between the lines lies a whole new world of experiences often not shared or understood.

Anita and Teresa

The link to her experience of FND brought to light the suffering many others share. The shock, confusion and frustration of not being able to control symptoms. Yet her story also inspires hope. That it is possible to come through this and to ‘dance again’.”

Our heartfelt thanks to Anita and all the dancers who took part in the show.