Awareness Day UK Logo 2020 (With-Date)

Find out what other activities are taking place for FND Awareness Day this year. 

If you are doing something on or around the day, and would like us to share it on here, please get in touch with us at

HUGE thank you in advance to everyone who will be getting involved in raising awareness, as this is an extremely difficult time for people in the UK and beyond at the moment! 

FiNDlay's Friends

Findlay bear is back and looking for new friends!

He especially cares for children, so if you are under the age of 16 he would love to see a story, poem or picture about how FND affects you. It could be yourself that has the condition, or a family member does.

All you have to do is send them to us at, and include your first name, age and address. Why do we need your address? Because with every email received, Findlay Bear will be coming to your home to be your friend too! (Limited stock available)

Your masterpieces will be displayed on the website, and shared across social media sites.

(Note: by sending your email a responsible adult is giving permission for us to share publicly. You can withdraw it at any time by emailing us.)

Leaflet drops

Passing on leaflets to gp’s, doctors, hospitals, care services, etc is a great way to get involved with raising awareness. However, we are aware that given the current situation with the Coronavirus, many people will be self-isolating and avoiding going out in public.

Considering this, you can still get involved as we can send them directly to establishments on your behalf. So when ordering leaflets please provide an alternative address if preferred.

To order your leaflets CLICK HERE 

Peer Support Meet-Ups

Due to the Coronavirus, this year FND Dimensions are planning virtual meet ups to take place on and around awareness day.

For further details and to get involved, you can either CLICK HERE to join their Facebook group, or email them at

Real people ... real voices

Kez, who runs the Facebook group Functional Neurological Disorder, is running a campaign this year asking for photos and a brief description of your experiences of FND. These will then be shared across social media sites and on the website.

To get involved you can send your details to her via FACEBOOK

Live chat

To help raise awareness Michael will be speaking & interacting with you all LIVE via Facebook

Alarm clock

6PM ‘My FND – The Past 12 Months’. In this live video I will be discussing: My Symptoms, Accept & Adapt, My Family Help & Support, Mental Health, Positivity. Please join me this Wednesday (25/03/2020) 

6PM Live on Facebook CLICK HERE  to raise awareness together. #Voices4FNDMicrophoneMovie camera

PWLE (Person With Lived Experience) FND Pilot Survey

A collaboration of 4 charities in the UK and Australia – FND Action, FND Dimensions, FND Friends and FND Australia Support Services – launch their FND Lived Experience collaborative pilot survey. Outcomes of the survey will be fed into a larger evidence-based study with their University partner, in which you will be invited to participate in again in the coming months.

Residents from other countries are welcome to get involved.

For further details and to take part, please click on the link below.