Participants required for Epilepsy & NEAD Research Study – Online Survey

The relationship between stigma and self-efficacy in people with Epilepsy or Non Epileptic Attack Disorder

The purpose of this study is to investigate if people’s thoughts about themselves affect their perception of stigma. This will help us develop our understanding of the role of stigma in people who experience seizures.

People with epilepsy and non-epileptic attack disorder (NEAD) often experience significant stigma in their lives. Stigma can contribute to disability and is usually attributed to their condition. The degree to which people think that they can achieve their own goals has been shown to affect how well people manage with other conditions, and how badly stigmatised they feel. Changing these perceptions could help people to feel less stigmatised by their seizure disorder. We would like to investigate if how you think about yourself is an important factor in how stigmatised you feel.

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This study is being carried out as part of a Doctor of Clinical Psychology (D. Clin. Psy.) research project based at the University of Sheffield.

Name of Researchers: Lewis Hanney, Prof. Markus Reuber and Dr. Andrew Thompson