Neurologists will see people with functional neurological symptoms very often in their clinics, but Functional Neurological Disorder is still little-known or understood. Research in to what causes it, the mechanisms and what are the best treatments is therefore extremely important.

FND Action recognise the valuable role that those diagnosed can play in developing a better understanding of FND, which in turn will help towards awareness and better treatment/services being accessible for all. We therefore support academics and researchers wishing to study in this area by advertising studies seeking participants. In addition we are working on a catalogue of relevant research papers to assist with quick access for those wishing to research in this area.

If you would like us to advertise your study then please get in touch with us at

This page is currently being worked on, and will provide current research projects seeking participants and a catalogue of past research papers.

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"The conference is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their clinical skills in this area as well as those with a research interest in this fascinating and evolving topic." For further details click on the image above.
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