Daily prayer

To anyone who’s out there, who’s able to hear my prayer
Be it Allah, God or Krishna, I really just don’t care
Grant me one day only, yes you heard it right
When me and many others, didn’t have to fight this fight
We’d arise with a spring in our step, to face the day ahead
Rather than worrying about what the day’s going to be like instead
We’ll walk down the path and smile again
It’s really hard you know (to smile)…
When you’re constantly in pain.
We’d skip and hop and jump, like a child of only six
Instead of having to rely on these awful bloody sticks
We’d be ever so grateful honest
To feel better for the day
Instead of just sitting, watching the hours fade away
So come on whoever you are
Whatever is your name
I’m not asking for much
Just to feel well for once again

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