Given the current restrictions of sending out awareness information to be shared/displayed, and not being able to engage in public events, we welcome you to get involved with helping in raising much needed awareness of Functional Neurological Disorder .. in the form of sending out an information letter.

There is still little known about FND and its symptoms within clinical settings and service providers. This leads to people struggling to access any specialist care, which can lead to people suffering alone or potentially being just offered inappropriate treatment. With the right treatment and support it is possible for people to recover to some extent, or to find ways to manage their symptoms to enable them to have the best life possible moving forward.

Please use the letter template below (Word document), which can be used to email or post, to join us in helping improve the treatment and care available for those diagnosed.

Possible organisations and people to send your letter to:

* Doctor’s surgeries and personal GP’s
* Ambulance and emergency services
* Clinical departments, such as Neurology
* Service providers
* Primary Care Networks (PCNs)
* Clinical Commissioning Groups
* Local Councillors
* The media, along with your personal story