Survey about research into FND in children – Opinions needed from those who have an FND diagnosis

Person in charge:

Dr Rob Forsyth, Senior Lecturer in Child Neurology at Newcastle University (

Closing Date:

30th September 2017


As you may know FND can affect children and young people as well as adults. There has been even less research into FND in young people than in adults. In particular we know very little about how children and young people get on in the long term. Do they continue to experience FND in adulthood?

We have an opportunity to do a research project looking at this question but we have been asked to get the opinions of people with FND before being allowed to proceed. We are considering doing a study looking at the RVI medical records of all the young people who we have met over the last 20 years with FND, seeing whether the notes suggest they are still experiencing problems as adults, and trying to find factors (such as early recognition and help) associated with better long term outcome.

The responses to this survey will be seen by Dr Rob Forsyth, Senior Lecturer in Child Neurology at Newcastle University and members of his research team only. They will be used to decide whether to proceed with this research as planned, and a summary of the survey findings would be included in applications to NHS Research Ethics and Governance (including Confidentiality Advisory Group) authorities to assist them in deciding whether to approve the study. Responses will be deleted before April 2018.

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