Tony shares his story of caring for his wife Kim #WeCare4FND

Hi everyone,

I’m a Carer for my wife Kim and we live in Greater Manchester.

Our life changed in November 2011, whilst on a day trip in Birmingham, whilst in the NEC Arena, at a Crafts Fair. It was very warm inside and Kim wanted to go outside, as she felt tired and needed fresh air. We came back in, and shortly after, she looked at me with a strange look and then collapsed in my arms. She came around after a few minutes, after getting her in the recovery position, with the aid of an off duty GP. Consequently, her right leg went into uncontrollable spasm. We eventually got her to the Coach in a wheelchair, back home and following many tests, was told she had FND. 

She lost her job at her local Hospital on Health grounds, and was wheelchair bound for 5 months.

She was 34 at the time and she now takes one day at a time, as she has lost the ability to enjoy most things.

Not working is the most difficult.

She has sensory issues and many things set her symptoms off, even everyday noises. After many years of battling the system, I managed to get her rehoused into a lower ground, brand new Apartment and also got the ceilings soundproofed.

We’ve had to become our own experts in many ways, in dealing with FND, and this site and others have been amazing and the people on them too.

She also has EOE, which is a rare throat disease affecting the Esophagus and Myopericarditis, which involves the heart. I only work part time now and am with her everyday, but I still have guilt over working and leaving her alone for a few hours.

FND is so unpredictable.

We also fundraise every year and raised £280 last year for FND.

The fight for a better future and a cure will continue as long as we carry on and take each step, day by day.

God bless you all.

Tony and Kim xx