Creativity can play a profound role whilst living with chronic conditions, and through difficult times. Many of our service users frequently share on our support groups what they have created, and hobbies they get involved in.  ‘We may not be able to do some things, but we refuse to do nothing’.

For awareness day we are encouraging you to share your creations to help raise awareness of FND. This could be in the form of drawing, painting, needlework, poetry, bakery, photography, gardening and more.

One project that is currently being run for awareness day is ‘A Great Stitch-up‘, where we welcome anyone to get involved in knitting an FND blanket. Or blankets given the amount of contributions to it we have received in already! Details of how you can get involved can be found here [KNIT TOGETHER] or by emailing Eleanor@fndfriends.com

If you would like to share your creativity please complete the form below.

Posts/pictures will be shared across social media sites throughout the day, and displayed below.