Functional Neurological Disorder is a diagnosis given when there is a problem with how the brain/nervous system is 'functioning'. Whilst the basic wiring is intact, there is a problem with how the signals/messages are being sent and received to allow the body to function in the normal way.
Getting diagnosed with a medical condition can be both a blessing and seemingly a curse. You may have had years of tests, different doctors and medications, so it can be a relief to finally know what is wrong. However, you may feel a bit lost and frustrated, and need to come to terms with your condition.
With a diagnosis that is still little-known you can feel like you have nobody to talk to about it. You're not alone. Online support groups provide a safe place for you to be among people who care and going through similar experiences, and we are always here for you.
Fundraising is great fun and a way to get involved with supporting a cause that it close to you. Activities could range anywhere from arranging a coffee morning to climbing Ben Nevis. All donations received go towards helping us to support people diagnosed.

Who we are

FND Action is a patient-led charity who offer a caring and supporting hand to people living with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) and their caregivers in the UK.

What we do

We provide support and guidance to those diagnosed and their caregivers, host online support groups, provide an informative website and actively advocate for the cause.

Why we do it

Functional neurological symptoms are commonly seen in Neurology and Epilepsy clinics, yet there is still little-known about the condition within the health sector or understanding is outdated. This leads to people struggling to access any treatment. No-one should ever feel isolated and uncared for.

Our Mission

We aim to develop our website as a key resource for those diagnosed, caregivers and the public. Our support groups provide a safe place to be among people who understand. We are committed to continue our strive to advocate for the cause so that health and support services are available for all.


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