The 25th March marks FND Awareness Day in the UK and Australia, where we partner up with other FND charities to facilitate activities to raise much needed awareness of Functional Neurological Disorder.

Functional Neurological Disorder can affect anyone of any age, and leads to neurological symptoms that can for many be severe and disabling, and life changing for all. Access to any care, or lack of appropriate care, continues to be a serious issue in most parts of the UK. Awareness day allows us all to come together to be the #Voices4FND to influence change. 

Prevalence is currently unknown due to the lack of regional reporting, however Neurologists will see cases in their clinics frequently. Sadly though, receiving the diagnosis proceeds no further for many as there is still little knowledge or awareness of FND. This leads to many being left struggling on their own, desperately trying to find any care and support that may help. FND Action advocate for accessible collaborative care for ALL those who have been diagnosed, to ensure they are given the best opportunity to a quality of life that is maintainable.

We welcome you to join us on the 25th March to help raise much needed awareness of FND.  


How you can get involved on Awareness Day:

Join FND Awareness Day UK online Event

Our collaborative online event this year is focused on #youngVoices4FND. The event is hosted by the charity’s FND Action, FND Dimensions, FND Friends and FND Australia Support Services. We are also joined by YoungerFNDFighters, who are a Facebook group that offer amazing support to young people with FND. These 4 sessions will be hosted on Zoom (you may need to download the app if using a mobile device), and further details regarding these sessions can be found below.

To join any of these sessions either scan the qr code, visit the web address shown on the advert, or click on the link below.

You are invited to submit any questions you may have prior to Dr Nick Schindler’s session at 11am. Please send them to, or use our CONTACT FORM

Other Activities:

Share your story

Writing about your experience and sharing it with others is just one of many ways you can help raise awareness. It allows others to have an insight into what it may feel like to be walking in your shoes.

Our focus this year is FND and the young, so if you are a young person with FND, or a young carer, and would like to share your story, please send it to or use the link below. Shared experiences from all ages are of course very much welcomed, and all stories will be shared across our social media sites.

If you share your own story on social media, please don’t forget to use the hashtag #Voices4FND, and/or #YoungVoices4FND, so we can share them.


In October, FND Action launched a campaign to assist people with informing their doctors of current information relating to FND.

There is still a great need for doctors to be informed of the current understanding of FND to dispel inaccurate information that can lead to people being without appropriate care, or worse still no care at all.

For Awareness Day we are offering to send information out on people’s behalf. All we need is the contact details of your doctor/s and we will send the information directly to them.

At no stage will any personal information be shared with doctors.

To send in their details please click on the button below.

Draw a picture for FiNDlay bear

FiNDlay bear would very much like to see some drawings from young people who are living with FND, or a young carer. To get involved:

Click on the image to download or save to a device photo album.

Print off and add your masterpieces, including first name and age.

Take a photo of it, or scan it in, and send it to us at 

Pictures will be shared across our social media sites on and around the day. Please also include your postal address in the email as FiNDlay may come to say thank you in person.


Show your support by changing your profile picture on social media in support of FND Awareness Day UK. All you need to do is click on the link below to download/save to your device photo album.


Show your support by changing your profile picture in support of FND Awareness Day UK. All you need to do is click on the link below to download/save to your device photo album.


Look out for the hashtags below to share awareness day information across your social media sites. Don't forget to add the hashtag/s to any of your posts so we can share them!

From all of us at FND Action, thank you for getting involved and your continued support.


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