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The 10th of October marks the 6th anniversary of FND Action, and this year we would like to celebrate by inviting the FND community to get involved with our campaign #InformTheDoctor. Join us in our plight to raise much needed awareness of the condition.

Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) is still little known in many parts of the UK, or clinical knowledge is outdated, which leads to people being left untreated and suffering as they are unable to access any appropriate care.

Whilst we have put in a lot of time and effort into our support and advocacy work over the last few years, we still remain in a position where suitable services are extremely lacking, and this continues to cause harm to those who are suffering within our FND community. With your help, we can raise the needed awareness so the NHS are fully aware of how serious this matter is, and how having appropriate services would lessen the time and financial strain put on primary and emergency care services. 

Please join us in our campaign, the first of many to come, and watch the information video below to find out further why and how you can get involved.

Even though FND Action is a UK charity, you can still use the #InformTheDoctor information sheet no matter where you are in the world. The campaign is for anyone in the FND community.

How To Download The Information Sheet

Using a PC or laptop, click on the link below. A new tab will open with the information sheet. Either select the print icon, or the download button to save to your files.Click Here

Once you have your information sheet to hand you can either pass it on at an appointment or visit, or email to whoever you feel would benefit from reading it. We have provided you with an example below of what you may want to add to an email.

If you would like a printed copy but do not have access to a printer, please do let us know using our CONTACT FORM so we can post it to you.

Dear ____________________

I am writing to share with you an information sheet relating to Functional Neurological Disorder, that has been made available by the charity FND Action. Contained on the sheet is current information relating to FND, and also links to recent useful published studies and papers.

I ask if you would kindly take the time to read the information and share it with your colleagues.

Yours sincerely,


For future reporting purposes, it would be great to know what areas of the UK have shared this information, so please do consider completing and submitting the form below.


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