FND Awareness Day UK | 25th March 2022 | Grace’s Story

I was diagnosed with FND in September 2021. Exactly one month after having Non-Epileptic Seizures, when speaking to my neurologist and discussing my medical history, he said he believes that I have had FND for over 6 years, with the most recent symptom being seizures. When we discussed in more detail, and I had chance to do some research of my own, I realised I was right, and was so happy to have an explanation to symptoms that have been dismissed for a large chunk of my life. 

I was so stunned, as prior to being diagnosed I had never heard of FND, and learning about it answered so many of my questions. Being diagnosed opened up a whole new world for me, a community that I could share with, and receive support from. I feel less alone, and more secure in myself, knowing I’m not the only one going through this. 

FND is extremely difficult for me to live with, bringing a new challenge for both me and my carers with each day. My symptoms have progressively got worse over the years, and whilst I am taking medications to relieve certain symptoms, and having therapy like recommended, I’m anxious and stressed about what each day will bring, whether it be paralysis, seizures, tremors, intense fatigue, motor and vocal tics. But I know I can rely on others who have FND to support me. 

I’ve found a group of people who are so kind and caring, it feels great to be apart of this community.

Written by Grace, Nottinghamshire


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