FND Awareness Day UK | 25th March 2022

On the 25th March, people across the UK, and across Australia, unite to help spread much needed awareness of Functional Neurological Disorder (FND).

Functional Neurological symptoms are commonly seen in Neurology clinics, and can affect anyone of any age. FND can encompass a diverse range of neurological symptoms that can affect the motor, movement and sensory functions of the body. Symptoms may include seizures, paralysis, tremors, limb weakness, walking difficulties, cognitive issues and more.

Symptoms appear similar to conditions such as Parkinsons, MS and Epilipsy, but have a different underlining cause. Rather than symptoms being a consequence of disease or structural damage, they are caused by a “functioning” problem of the brain/nervous system.

The severity and variation of symptoms differ from person to person, but many suffer with debilitating physical disabilities. Levels of recovery can be possible with the right treatment. For instance specialist physiotherapy can assist with learning to walk properly again, and others are able to find ways of managing their symptoms to allow them to lead the best life possible.

Prevalence is currently unknown due to the lack of regional reporting, however Neurologists will see cases in their clinics frequently, and symptoms are believed to be the second most common reason for referrals to Neurology after migraine/headache. Sadly though, receiving the diagnosis proceeds no further for many as there is still little knowledge or awareness of FND. This leads to many being left struggling on their own, desperately trying to find any care and support that may help. Emotional wellbeing and social impact has to also be accounted for, and we need to help change that as everyone deserves to be able to live life to its fullest.

We welcome you to join us in helping raise awareness in any way possible. On FND Awareness Day UK we unite each year to be a louder voice.

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