Stress management

We all need a certain amount of pressure in our lives to make it enjoyable. That thrill when you go on a first date, the nerves as you walk into an exam room, the fun of trying something new. Being under pressure is also a normal way of life. However, if you feel that the pressure has become too much you can become irritable and feel overburdened. 

Everyday stress is all around us, and people can find ways to manage it. But what happens when you add illness to the fold, which is something not expected or planned for? Coping can become more of a challenge given you may be in pain or discomfort from your symptoms. You may be confused about the diagnosis, frustrated that help is not to hand, angry with long hospital waiting lists, and maybe fearful for the future.

Too much stress can lead to a number of health problems in its own right, and can certainly worsen symptoms that already exist. When we’re stressed it lays down the foundation to make our health problems flourish.

Acknowledging and managing stress can help maintain a positive physical and emotional outlook on life. It’s not a cure, but can just make things a little easier, especially if stress is a trigger of symptoms.

Below are a couple of videos about the understanding of stress, and a couple of mindfulness videos for relaxation. There are plenty of other videos on the internet which you may find of interest or benefit.


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