FND Awareness Day UK – 25th March 2020 | Lisa’s Story

Just over 2 yrs ago, I got up on a Monday morning to go to work but found myself shuffling as opposed to walking. I carried on my day and found that on the Tuesday I could hardly push myself up off the sofa!! I had hardly any strength in my legs or left arm After a phone call to the doctor I was sent to my local hospital. What followed was 6 months of uncertainty, brain scans, lumber puncture and numerous neurology appointments. Finally in a August 2018 I was diagnosed with FND. I was 40 years old with 2 children and was previously fit and healthy and with no understanding of the condition.

I still to this day do not know what caused it. Along with the support of my husband and family, 2 years on I am back in full time work and am still taking my children to their activities. I do get tired more easily and still lose the strength in my legs from time to time, I also get a few other symptoms, tingling, eye constricts and body jerks on occasions. My symptoms are no where near as bad as others but still impact on mine and my families daily lives.

However we have kept positive and am able to go for walks and have previously managed a park run, although neither were as quick as before !!! Not enough is known about the condition, but hopefully the more people we can make aware of it, the more funding it will get. Stay positive everyone xx

By Lisa, Pontypool